Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i thought i'd share a few little ancedotes with you... these are a just select few of the thousands that i now have from working in collections. of course the standard waiver - all names have been changed to protect the debtors identity, and these are EXACT quotes - but pretty close to it:

Me = , _____ speaking.
DTR = sorry did you say this is ?
Me - yes it is. what can i do for you? (didn't i just say the company name?)
DTR = I don't know if you can help me. is there anyone there who can?
Me - i'm sure i'll be able to help with anything you need. as i said my name is _____ and i'm a senior agent here.
Dtr = um okay... i have this debt. i want to set up an arrangment to pay it off over time.
Me - okay then. i should be able to do that for you. can i ask who i'm speaking to please?
Dtr = um, i don't give out my personal information to strangers. how do i know you're not going to use it to access my bank accounts
Me = sir, i can assure you that we at maintain the best standards in privacy regulations and confidentiality. i will need to know who i am speaking to though so that i can access your file
Dtr = oh okay. my name is joe bloggs. (it actually was something that common)
Me - thank you joe, do you have our letter in front of you?
Dtr = yes
Me = on the top left hand side in bold lettering is the amount and our reference number starting with a 4 then a 6. can you read it out to me please
Dtr = there's no reference number here
Me = there will be - right under the words dear sir
Dtr = nope no reference number. it actually says hi joe, not dear sir
Me (that ain't one of our letters!) = what is the name of the company at the top of the letter? (maybe one of our 13 subsidery's???)
Dtr =
Me = okay - you need to call that company then. its nothing to do with
Dtr = but i need to pay it
Me = i know joe, so you need to contact
Dtr = why can't i just pay it to you?
Me = because you don't owe the money to us, so you don't need to pay us. have a good day joe (trying in vain to finish the call)
Dtr = why didn't you say that you were
Me = i mentioned the name of this company several times during the start of the call. you even asked if you'd called and i confirmed you had
Dtr = yeah but you didn't say you weren't starting screaming like a girl at this point

Okay - so here's where i did the standard debt collector thing and just hung up on him...

seriously - i do wonder how some people pass kindergarten let alone hold a job long enough to take out a few grand in loans and credit cards....


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